Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chawkaset's Burmese Customers

Where to buy cat food or dog food in Mae sot?
Where to buy food for my pet?
I want to buy things for my dog,Where can I get it in Mae Sot?
I want to buy bag of pigs feed!!!

The answer is "Chawkaset",Chawkaset is the only complete what your pet needs.
Chawkaset the answer for livestock farming ,supplies or feed for all animal you may need.
For small holder,whose looking for a pigs feed,Just go and grab all kind of things like medical ,vitamin or premix for your pig,
A bag of feed for your chicken,goose,bird or a bag of your fish or aquarium.

Chawkaset shop is for merchant ,pet shop business, grooming with reasonable price and lots of product to choose for.

Photos show of Chawkaset customers mostly are local grooming,local pet shop, merchant, Burmese merchant.As Chawkaset open for almost 13 year,it's name become well known to customer.Mostly come for choose and buy by pet owners,But for customers in remote area are prefer to place order via email or place an order via my "facebook" account.Save time,save money, no need to spend time on the bumpy road.
Just sent email to Chawkaset or sent message in Facebook.

Mr.Thin Aung
A young businessman from Yangon.
Have a chance come and visit our shop,After become best partner for many year.

The Win Family : Ma Khin Than Win and her husband checking their purchased before re-packing things in to large cartons before loading to truck heading /sending to Yangon. 

Ko U Thun Lwin the purchaser from Myanmar bought a lot of cat food and 
Fighting cock medicine,fighting cocks booster from Chawkaset Shop. 

Large cartons full with fighting cock medical product/ vitamin and supplement for fighting cock sending to Myanmar.It's become a best seller of Chawkaset Store.

Each day the trucks from Myanmar come to our shop for a full truck load.

Now a day customers get to know and contact us from chawkaset's website
Need more detail or place an order via telephone,Please Call 055-534969
Sent me your complaint to Ton's with his personal email at and

Easy access to Chawkaset,Make it Simple!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chawkaset:The livestock and pet food store you trust

"King Cock" the rooster power.
Energy booster and endurance one of the best seller brand.

Mae Sot Fighting Cock Ring also a large group customer.

Using "King Cock" and always asking for "King Cock"
Some of our cock lover, repeat customer ask for "King Cock"
and other dope for their fighting cock,Mae Sot,Thailand.

A full truck load cat food /pet food from "Chawkaset", The livestock and
poultry supplies shop, Mae Sot, Thailand

Our workers fill up the truck heading to Myanmar.

At"Chawkaset" You can choose and shop your favorite brands of pet food,medical care,  pet care product to hundred of Livestock Supplies,Energy booster for fighting cock, Dope, Best brand product for fighting cock.Find the best pet food in variety of healthy categories.When it comes to healthy dog and cat food,and animal in your farm or back yards. 
Chawkaset help you to feed the best.We carry the best assortment of your favorite pet food and livestock brands,including exclusive brands you might not expect to find on our shelves.
Every morning full of truck load sending to Myanmar market."Chawkaset Shop" always be best partner
for your Vet Clinic or any pet business.Please come and shopping in our store.
We promise to provide your best and fast service.
For street direction please call 055-534969 Burmese speaker are available.

Looking for opportunity in business,Please come and talk with us at "Chawkaset" shop,Mae Sot.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tick and Flea Treatment

Chawkaset Shop We have all kind of  tick and flea treatment both for small pet and farm animal.For example "Detick" to get rid of ticks and fleas on your dogs and cats,it's will kill fleas,fleas eggs,ticks and chewing lice.Also prevention heart worm disease for your dogs and cats,and it's indicated for sarcoptic mange and tick infestations for example: Biomec-4000 and En-Dex4000

En-Dex 8000
Dewormer for dogs and cats.
This product is a new and effective and need follow-up does a week after the first.
Completely oral endectocide prevention program.For long term prevention of internal and external parasites 
that proven by the veterinarian.
Each tablet contains Ivermection 8000 mcg. The effective for more controlling the following diseases.
Heart worm,Manage(Demodectic&Sarcoptic),Tick and Flea. 
In stock, Processing will takes an additional 2 to 3 days for purchase order from this seller.
Ships from and sold by Chawkaset shop, Mae Sot ,Thailand. 
Need more detail sent us a message.

Unikan: fipronil10% w/w

Dosage and Administration: Part hair at base of neck and place tip of vial on visible skin area,Just a spot once a month in front of the shoulder blades is all your pet needs for protection against fleas,heart worm and other parasites.No pills ,No sticky sprays,No more hassling with multiple products.
The Selon is available as 1cc. and 2 cc. ,1 dose or 1 cc. contain 28 tubes,and 2 cc. contain 20 tube.
Please remember their special is " Heart Worm" prevention. Cost a little bit more than the normal tick and flea product.
For more information please submit your request to,or see the products please visit Chawkaset shop in Maesot.

For more detail ,Please click at

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thailand Livestock and Pet Food Shop-Chawkaset

About Chawkaset Pet and Livestock from Thailand:
Hello All !!
We hope you find some thing that you love and need for your pet business.And, if you have an extra minute please check out our other section/categories for great stuffs buy some thing from our shop and combine shipping.Our staffs will do repacking,put them in large carton or bag to save on shipping or delivery charge.

 2012 have come,Chawkaset have serve you both online and offline for 15 years in this field.The most customer are Thai and Burmese.We still look forward to provide the best service and more convenient for our friends and customers.Any Tip and Trick that may useful for us we will share here in http//,just keep visit our website or subscribe via share or put you email address in box then you will keep update for any news and information or sent us your message or place an order directly to my personal email at is the best way to learn more about Chawkaset.We love to hear your comment, keep sending ,sharing for a better service.

We have variety of pet food , pet's medical, fighting cock supplies and more,Just let's me know what you're interesting or need more photo or detail I will immediately put them up in this blog for your up dating.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Syringe and Needle

At Chawkaset Shop as always you can find or place an order for hard to find thing.Your special order will arrived with in 2-3 day.Our experience for 13 year we have learn that in some remote area ,up country in Thailand and Burma very difficulty to go round to find things especially in Rainy Season.We have stock up hard to find as syringe and needle in large volume to enough for your need.

Hypodermic Needle Stainless Steel,Made in Japan.

  1. 16 G 1/2 "            = xxxx  Th b.
  2. 16 G 1"                = 750 Th b. 
  3. 16 G3/4"              = xxxx  Th b.
  4. 18 G 1/2"             = 730 Th b.
  5. 18 G 1"                = 690 Th b.
  6. 18 G 3/4"             = 690 Th b.
  7. 20 G 1/2"             = 690 Th b.
  8. 20 G 1"                = 690 Th b.  

Europlex Syringe Dosing Disc. As shown above is N-0010 10ml., can keep clean by pasteurize with hot water all the sizes have adjust to the higher price.
N-0010 10ml.Dosing Disc is ฿ 3,360 /Dozen.
N-0016 20 ml.Dosing Disc is ฿ 3,960 /Dozen.
No Adjustable 10 ml. is ฿ 1,860 /Dozen.
Also don't forget to check SPOT Needle all sizes before place an order because some of them have get more expensive.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Buddy for Small Pet

BUDDY: Beside cat food,dog food Chawkaset also carry all of Buddy product,The product are wide range from dog,cat,bird,turtle and small pet as rabbit or hamster.See more products and details on our online catalog.

The product are including to shampoo,soap,cleansing sand,powder,fish foods,and hamster foods.

Deodorizing Spray:Fresh and clean for long lasting.The deodorizing spray combats pet odor including those of urine and forces.Leave a fresh clean aroma last for days.
Net Content: 200 ml.
Product of:Thailand
Price: 60 Bt.

Cleansing Powder:Cleansing your pet without water.Cleans by absorbing dirt from the coat,leaving it smelling fresh.It is mild and gentle enough to be use daily.
Net Content: 50 gram.
Product of: Thailand

Bedding Sand: Keep pets fresh and clean.Buddy bedding sand is an ideal bedding for small animals(Hamsters,Guinea Pigs,Rabbits,Chinchilas,Ferrets etc.) It absorbs liquid waste and odors efficiently.Keep your pet fresh,clean and also satisfy pets natural craving to sand roll.
Net Wt.: 1 kg.
Product of: Thailand

Budgerigar: Vitamins and Minerals Enriched Formula,Specialty seeds and grains.Complete total nutrition needs,The food supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals required for a balanced daily diet.
Net Wt. 1.5 lbs.
Product of Thailand
Price: 60 Bt.

Canary and Finch: Is made with a tasty combination of fresh and natural variety seeds.It's the ideal complement to traditional diet because it contains a balance of the best quality seeds and grains, with additional of vitamins and minerals enriched that satisfies all their nutritional needs.
Net Wt. 1.5bls
Products of Thailand
Price: 70 Bt.

Cockatiel, Lovebird and Parrot: Is vitamin and mineral enriched mix with the fresh and natural variety seeds and grain.The food should always
be available to satisfy the dietary of the birds.Also the feed dish should be filled daily.The fresh water should be readily at all time.
Net Wt. 1.5 lbs.
Product of Thailand
Price 80 Bt.

Hamster and Gerbil:A complete pelleted diet special mix with variety seeds and grains that suitable for all stage of a pet's life cycle.The food come with two (2) size
Net Wt.: 0.5 lbs.= 25 Bt.
Net Wt. 1.25 lbs.= 60 Bt.

Rabbit Food:Complete food for rabbit,supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals. Mixed with carrot and corn.The available size is 1.5 lbs. ( 0.68 kg.).Buddy have select best ingredients as corn gluten, soybean, rice bran extract and or wheat barn, rice bran oil and many other ingredient.
Price: 70 Bt.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catfish Foods

Catfish Food: Commercial food for catfish,quality food,grow fast and healthy fish.Contains 20 kg./bag.The type are including for small size ,medium size and large fish size.Approximately price are difference depend on the size,stage of fish.
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Soap and Shampoo

Shampoo and Soap for your Dog And Cat.
In this section Chawkaset shop will present and update information about the best seller,new products for shampoo and soap.For  Thai or Burmese pet shop interesting or looking for some things new to make your shop more popular among competitor must keep up date from this entry.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Small Pet

Hamster Food
Rabster Hamster Food is an all-in-one pellet diet that combines all the tasty,nutrition and healthy ingredients necessary for your hamster's well-being.It also provides essential vitamins and minerals to keep your hamster in excellent health through all stage of its life.
Feeding Instruction:Ample fresh food and water should be available at all time.The food and water cup should be cleaned and re-filled daily.
Ingredients:Seeds and grains,whole wheat,wheat germ meal,soy bean meal,chicken meal,egg
powder,milk powder, carrot,oat,sun flower oil,salt,essential vitamins and minerals.
Net Wt. 100 gm.x 12 pack
Price: 300 bt/ pack

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Returns and Refunds

Returns&Refunds: At Chawkaset, Your satisfaction is what matter most,that's why we make our return policies easy and convenient for busy customers just like you.
Returning your purchase : If you aren't satisfied with products or miss purchased you can return the products with your receipt for purchase price , and product must be in its original package with receipt.
In store: To return an items you purchased at Chawkaset,simply bring the items in its original package plus original receipt to Chawkaset store.
Question?: At Chawkaset,your satisfaction is what matter most if you have any question regarding our in store returning, retail & wholesale price or have general question about our store location, direction,checking for price,delivery,Please ask to speak to store manager or ask for Burmese speaker,or our Burmese staffs Call 055-534969,You can also email to us directly at Ton's personal email : :  : or

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